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The Celestial Dance Network is an eight-year-strong Miqo’te tribal Seeker of the Sun & traditional Keeper of the Moon role-play community.

Our community theme revolves around characters that have lived their lives based around Miqo’te traditions.

Miqo'te as a race are described as cleaving to the old way of life, fiercely territorial, proud of their traditions, and generally unsuited for life in the city-states save a few exceptions. It is our express intent for role-play within our community to revolve around tradition-reverent Miqo'te that grew up in (player-made) Seeker of the Sun sub-tribes and Keeper of the Moon clans. City-based Miqo'te characters or characters that do not adhere to Miqo'te cultural traditions will be expected to show respect and get involved in the fold—with (at minimum) semi-reverence to Miqo'te traditions. If you, the player, have zero interest in this prospect for your character—this might not be the community for you. To clarify, these statements are not intended to dictate Out of Character participation. We acknowledge that some players approach role-play at a slower pace, and that's perfectly fine. The process of integration will be at your pace and your discretion with how deeply the character becomes involved.

Character Rules

The Celestial Dance Network is a lore-abiding community. We encourage an atmosphere where lore is not restrictive to our experience, but rather enhances it. When lore mentions the scarcity of an ultra rare ability or artifact, we believe that preserving scarcity IC will enrich the occurrence of our characters potentially encountering whatever the rare ability, artifact, or otherwise might be. Inherent racial traits, underlying cultures, and limitations are not seen as a hindrance, but rather a spice to the dish. Lore-abiding & lore-bending are both entirely subjective. What one player is comfortable with, another will easily balk at. We hold the view that neither side is wrong or right—both simply have their preferences and that is okay. Each side can co-exist apart and seek out like-minded groups to find their role-play fix.

If some aspect of your character does not fit within the parameters of this page, we wish to impress upon you that whatever you do in your private time is none of our business. The staff of the Celestial Dance Network are happy to compromise. As long as you respect the tone that we wish to cultivate and separate the rule-breaking aspect of your character from our community, everything should turn out peachy.

Do not apply player-crafted fanon to NPCs, NPC organizations, or IC governmental bodies.
In the past, we have had experiences with players pushing fanon/player-written lore onto an established in-game NPC. You are welcome to role-play whatever you wish with consenting players behind closed doors, however, we are currently not admitting characters with player-crafted fanon insisted into their backstory or present situation. There is plenty of opportunity available to fabricate your own custom-created NPCs and attribute whatever traits you like to them.

We understand you are excited to interact with canonical characters and theorize how situations would play out, but this breaks immersion for many of our members.

We hope the examples below will provide some guidance if you are confused.

Please do things like this!

A character that has an uncharitable view of another Keeper clan or Seeker tribe that is their opinion, though not reality.

Oh god, don't do this!

Part of the backstory of your character is that U'odh Nunh of the Forgotten Springs is running a sex trafficking ring.

Do not dictate the lore of an established canon Seeker of the Sun tribe/Keeper of the Moon clan.
In order for players to fairly share in-game canon Seeker tribes and Keeper clans, the Celestial Dance Network has a system in place where we encourage our members to create unique sub-branches (or sects) of the twenty-six tribes or a canon Keeper family. It doesn’t matter what you ultimately decide to adopt as a term as long as the gist is conveyed. Sects, sub-branches, sub-groups, septs, splinter-tribes … all of these terms are applicable.

It stands to reason, after all this time, that Miqo’te have settled across Eorzea and its surrounding islands, establishing a vast amount of different cultures and traditions. Keep in mind that most in the community have crafted their own culture, backstory, and headcanons for the branch or sect of a tribe that their character is from. In order to avoid stepping on the toes of other community members, we do not allow our members to claim the lore of an entire tribe or clan. We ask you to courteously reference your character’s people as a splinter, sect, sept, sub-group, or branch of a tribe or clan. Whichever term gets the job done (communicates non-exclusivity). Check if the lore you are referencing for your character is player-made. There are many Wiki/Fandom pages on the internet that describe fanon lore for various canon clans/tribes.

Please do things like this!

A Seeker of the Sun sub-branch of the Jackal tribe called "The Jackal of the Windswept Boughs."

Oh god, don't do this!

Naming your Free Company "The Vulture Tribe" or calling them the "Vulture tribe."

Draw inspiration from real-world cultures/civilizations—do not directly rip from them.

No, we don't care what Square Enix has put into Final Fantasy.

  • The staff has neither the time nor the inclination to decide who gets to use "Jesus" or "Bast" in our open community. Do not rip off deities, figures from real-world mythology and related concepts.
  • We are currently not admitting characters with broken down real-world (and otherwise) names. Example: B'rian, T'om. This does not reflect the totemic structure of Miqo’te Seeker names: please review Miqo’te naming conventions.
  • Do not monopolize a culture to create lore for your character, clan or tribe. We do not tolerate carbon copies of real-world cultures in our community. We recommend drawing inspiration from multiple real-world cultures, or choosing very carefully and consciously what inspiration you draw, rather than lifting in bulk.

Character Restrictions

We are not admitting characters with the following characteristics, traits or tropes that:

Are using non-Miqo'te models.

Are under eighteen. Seven hundred-year old "ten-year-olds" need not apply. No "loli."

Are Female Nunh or female model Nunh.

Are Allagan experiments, extradimensionals, or extraterrestrial.

Are a primal or have the capability of tempering other characters.

Are non-Miqo'te species or constructs/androids - including organic or inorganic.

Have blatant Magitek or Allagan implants/prosthetics. Our community is low-tech.

Are in an incestual relationship or will be in an incestual relationship.

Hold the belief that tribe-born people are inherently regressive compared to city-living folk.

Contain a backstory where mistreatment by one gender is used as justification for the sexuality of the character.

Are Miqo'te mixed with other Spoken (and otherwise) races. (Keeper/Seeker mix is fine.)

Example: Au Ra/Miqo'te or Lalafell/Miqo'te.


Are Voidsent, permanently possessed by Voidsent, or permanently possessed in general.

Temporary spiritual possession/etc is fine.


Are native to Hingashi, Doma, the Azim Steppe, the Ruby Sea, or Ilsabard (unless you are of G’raha’s G Tribe).

Temporary spiritual possession/etc is fine.


Are based on existing characters from other media/licenses who are being ‘ported’ into the FFXIV world.

For example, we will not be allowing Sasuke’a Uchiha, a Miqo’te seeking revenge on his older brother for slaughtering the Uchiha clan, or H’arry Potter, a Miqo’te with round glasses and a lightning scar on his forehead.

Contain an f-list (or a version of /c/) or solicitous/overtly sexual phrases in their search information.

MRP/ERP without this being the main focus acceptable. Mention in carrd/character website acceptable as long as character isn't blatantly ERP-focused.


Are labeled anywhere as futa, dickgirl, shemale, cuntboy, trap, or similar transfetish tags.

Transgender, intersex and non-binary characters are welcome in this community, not fetishized caricatures of them. 

Hold a position of exceptional ruling power in any canonical government or organization.

This is including but not limited to the ruling bodies of Eorzea's City-States. This is not extended to the creation and cultivation of player-owned organizations/septs/clans. In fact, CDN encourages the creation of hierarchy within player-made clans and septs.

Contain systematic rape or an “abusive Nunh” and/or controlling Nunh trope in their backstories or current story.

In this community, Nunh are family IC. They are trusted members of the community. We expect Nunh applicants to play their character with respect for the huntresses of their tribe, and reserve the right to reject Nunh characters if we feel they are playing a Nunh to powergame. A single man cannot control a host of strong huntresses in any abusive capacity, especially sexually and/or romantically. Yes, we know about Coeurlking, we are not interested in the theme of rape being at the forefront of our role-play in our community. Adult themes here and there are perfectly acceptable, we just don't want it to be the all-encompassing main focus.

⠀Defining Tradition

While we understand that traditions come in all shapes and forms in the real world, we value In Character traditional lore as a common ground for Miqo’te in the Celestial Dance Network.

The following criteria are by no means rules by which you must define your clan/tribe, but are instead considered the norm In Character for what a clan/tribe is. Any deviation is considered an abnormality, and characters should be prepared to deal with possibly negative reactions from other traditional communities.

Racial Makeup

Majority Keeper. Limited to a few Seekers or non-Miqo'te as exceptions.


Small communities of two to three families. Each family possessing few sons, as rarely are there two to three sons born to even the largest Keeper of the Moon families. What defines a ‘family’ is not defined in lore, so we will treat this with flexibility.


Preservation of "Keeper of the Moon." Menphina (and/or moon) worship included, whether major or equal to other members of the Twelve/an entity. Lore states that the majority of Keeper of the Moon revere Menphina.




Heavily matriarchal. A majority of menfolk remain as wanderers.

Racial Makeup

Majority Seeker. Limited to a few Keeper or non-Miqo’te as exceptions.


While there is no canon size for Seeker tribes, there is a typical ratio of one Nunh per ten to fifty females on average.


Azeyma (and/or sun worship) worship is included, whether major or equal to other members of the Twelve/an entity. Spiritual veneration of some form, whether shallow or in-depth, towards their tribe protector-spirit totem.



Role-play Rules

All characters are on the same even playing ground in this community.

The Celestial Dance Network is open to all, old hat and newcomer alike, and in the spirit of equality we wish to preserve an even playing ground for every member of the community. Opting to give your character ultra-rare abilities/artifacts/gifts/et cetera quite understandably can and will make some members of the community uncomfortable as they will feel they are no longer on an even playing field with you and your character.
  • Black and White magic is incredibly difficult (Black) or next to impossible (White) to obtain. Contain usage to private role-play with consenting players.
  • Faeries are considered incredibly difficult to obtain. Please confine them to private consenting role-play.
  • Summoning a Primal-Egi is a difficult feat for those without access to a contingency like the Immortal Flames—and even then—it would be a Primal edging on the lower-tier like a wonkily summoned Ifrit. We do not believe that many traditional Miqo'te have access to the means to obtain Primal essence. U'odh doesn't even summon one and he is a special case, and as such, we wish this to be treated with proper gravitas.
  • Voidsent are not friends. Many characters in this community will attempt to destroy them on sight.
  • Please keep the use of Magitek, Allagan tech, and other high-technology implements to private consenting role-play to maintain the atmosphere of Eorzean low-tech. Keep in mind that most Eorzeans do not respond well to Magitek or Magitek-like structures.
  • Your character possessing the echo is fine to a reasonable extent. Do not use this to metagame characters without player consent.
The Celestial Dance Network is not Party Grindr.
This community does not exist as a venue to find ERP or In-Character romance. The Celestial Dance Network is currently not accepting ERP-centric characters. If you have references to an F-list or overtly sexual/solicitous phrases in your character’s search information, they are not eligible for admission.

To be crystal clear, In-Character romantic & sexual relationships happen organically through role-play, and we're down with that. We simply don't want it to be the main focus.
Our community events are generally not open to the public.
Respect our privacy and inform a member of staff when you intend on bringing a guest to our events. We expect guests to follow our Character Rules as stated above.
Entrants must have prior role-play experience and have a grasp of basic role-play terminology.
However, we welcome those who are new to FFXIV role-play specifically!
There is no obligation to role-play with every member of the Celestial Dance Network.
While we want to foster togetherness in our community, we understand that we are a large group of people who all have individual preferences for role-play. You have no obligation to pursue role-play with everyone, nor is anyone obligated to role-play with you. Everyone has personal tastes! We simply ask that you are civil with other players and treat everyone with respect.

Out of Character Rules

Overall, it is our goal to encourage an atmosphere of relaxation and positive vibes. Swearing, sarcasm, dry humor, dark humor, dirty jokes, ribbing one another, light-hearted shit-posting, and spicy tom memery are the bread and butter of the culture of this community. We understand that our rules come across as uptight and strict. We’re actually a bunch of goofballs and prefer to not take things seriously OOC and save all the juicy drama for IC.

That said—this is not an echo chamber. Constructive criticism done in the spirit of civility and/or aid is encouraged. In our character building channel specifically, we discourage criticism that ends at ‘no’ unless the concept infringes on stated CDN rules, and encourage solution-oriented critique that provides other avenues to pursue an idea.

We understand that “helpfulness” is subjective and what one individual believes has been of assistance might rub another the wrong way. We merely ask that you afford the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise. At that point, please approach a member in our Discord under the tag of “Arbiter.”

It is important to emphasize that the opinions and preferences of staff and other players will not always match up with yours. This is not a personal attack on your person nor a statement of CDN rules and you need to keep this in mind moving forward. Not everyone will agree—and that’s okay! It’s okay to have different boundaries and personal preferences in regards to your RP that do not match-up with our community rules, as long as you agree to abide by these tenets within the Discord and at our events. Likewise, many members of our community and even our staff members role-play lore-breaking concepts within the privacy of closed friend-groups. Candid discussion of such a nature is not a threat to our community or our rules—all we ask is that you preface it with a disclaimer that this is a concept and/or character role-played outside of the Celestial Dance Network.

Leave personal differences, beef with other players, and cross-server drama at the door.
If you and another player encounter a problem within the bounds of the CDN Community, please speak to our staff.
Leave bigotry & discrimination (Out of Character) behind you.
This community is open to all sexualities, genders, races, religions, et cetera. If you want to start a debate on politics/religion, we recommend you find another outlet.

Some characters may express discriminatory views In-Character, but this does not reflect the player’s views necessarily.

Please ensure that open Out of Character communication is exercised on both ends if this happens. You have the right to redirect topics or retract your participation from your role-play scenes if this type of exchange makes you personally uncomfortable.

We do not tolerate violent In-Character discrimination at our events, such as instigating assault on another character for discriminated traits.
Respect Square Enix Terms of Service and the law.
Do not post links to or publicly discuss third-party tools/mods. Modded screenshots are fine. Be discreet.

Keep it legal, and avoid posting illegal content or soliciting or facilitating illegal or prohibited transactions. This includes RMT.
This is not a furry convention.
No cutesy purring/nyah/anime/lapsitting/spork/glomp/meow behavior. No murrpurr.

You're all done.

If you have a ticket open, let the staff member know what your favorite food is!